Coyote Add-on for Grasshopper:
     (As a part of ongoing doctoral thesis)


Coyote is an add-on for Grasshopper 3D for performing inter-process communications such as sending design model and data sets to Ansys WorkBench from Grasshopper 3D, then retrieve result data from Ansys/Autodyn back to Grasshopper.

The following diagrams explain the workflow of Coyote add-on:

COYOTE how it works COYOTE how it works

Coyote is designed to work with explicit dynamics, it is capable of sending data such as CAD, 3D models and definitions, initial and boundary conditions, time steps etc… The results made by Ansys/Autodyn can be imported to Grasshopper3D such as pressure throughout the domain and load on a specific point. Later the result data could be used as parameters for design purposes.