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Pencidom :)

A pencils dome holder- Pencidom! Designed and modeled using: Grasshopper3D + Rhino3D Printed using fused-deposition-modeling (FDM) 3D printer


Attractors are means to manipulate 3D Models and shapes. The existence of a single or multiple attractors influences the properties of each element in the model based on the…

Math & Design

         The potential of using mathematical equations in designing a bridge The aim of this exercise was to explore a variety of bridge forms, that are stable…

Scripted Tower

The simple Python script below shows how different equations can create different shapes.   Sample code 01: As a start in scripting, it is necessary to import the…

Algorithmic Urbanism

The following slides show the application of a growth algorithm in Baba Sahib slum, Mumbai, India.

Algorithmic Growth

As a part of MUPAC collaboration program, the Algorithmic Growth was a design proposal I made for the gradual conversion of the Baba Sahib slum towards a more efficient…

Algorithmic Mumbai

Baba Sahib Slum is one of the main districts in the city of Mumbai, India. It was chosen for the study of gradual conversion towards better living conditions….

Mumbai Study

The contents of this post are about the multi-scaled study on Mumbai, more particularly on the state of the slums and their interaction with the city and the interaction between…